Posted by: Steven Harris | July 28, 2011

What Librarians Do

I’ve created another infographic: What Librarians Do. There are, in fact, a million things that librarians do and probably a million different kinds of librarians. There are many different types of libraries. Even within one organization, there is a division of labor among librarians. One thing that almost none of them do: SHUSH!


Click to view the whole big PDF (in might be necessary for the fine print)



  1. Steve,
    This is great; thanks for sharing it. I’d just suggest that you add your name/credit to the .PDF – I’d like to be able to show this to colleagues and have you properly attributed.

  2. Added a credit line at the top. Thanks, Jen.

  3. […] What Librarians Do – an infographic on the myriads of things librarians do (I do almost everything on there, except for the very technical stuff, such as actual preservation, cataloging, and creation of systems.) […]

  4. […] There are a million different kinds of libraries out there and there are probably a million different things that librarians do. This infographic breaks a librarian’s main tasks down into smaller chunks. Source. […]

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