Posted by: Steven Harris | May 12, 2011

ALA Infographic

I’ve made my own ALA Infographic! Click the image to view the full PDF file.

In an online discussion recently, some folks were bewildered about how the various parts of ALA related to one-another. I’m not sure my infographic answers that question. It is my own interpretation of ALA organizational relationships. My main approach here is to say that most ALA member groups deal with either:

type of library
functional interest
professional development
professional ethics

There are, of course, many other parts of ALA that I could have included. And there are many other ways you could visually interpret the organization.

You may disagree with my interpretation altogether. In which case, I encourage you to make your own infographic!


  1. And, of course, governance. I forgot to mention governance. It’s in the infographic too.

  2. This is super helpful! Thanks!

  3. […] Steven R. Harris created an infographic to help explain the major pieces of ALA and how they relate …. It’s a great perspective, and I like that he was able to do this visually. Like Steven, I’d love to see others build on it or create their own explanations. […]

  4. Really nice! I can see and understand this at a glance.

    Just printed it out for future reference.

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