Posted by: Steven Harris | April 11, 2010

iPad v Tablet PC

I’ve been thinking about why the iPad seems to be such a technology sensation. People have been bandying around phrases like “changes everything” and “Kindle killer” with reckless abandon. I especially have wondered about why the iPad is expected to succeed where the Tablet PC failed. I asked that question on Twitter. Some of the answers:

On the minus for the Tablet PC: crappy battery life, bad display, poor aesthetics, ineffective stylus input. To which I would add that they are too heavy for their own form-factor.

On the plus side for iPad: Apple aesthetics, better battery life, multi-touch screen, better display, social media integration, and the whole apps and developer relationship. That, it seems, is the winning combo. Apple has made development for the iPhone and iPad an important part of their success, but they’ve also made the user experience of acquiring apps an easy and pleasant thing through the iTunes store. (Mind you, it could be a lot better.)



  1. & will e-ink be the “iPad killer?” Interesting post today at the Labo BNF :

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