Posted by: Steven Harris | December 11, 2008

Collecting & Collections 2.0

Strikes me that I haven’t made a good distinction between collections 2.0 and collecting 2.0. Just a quick note here, but hope to fill this out a bit more in subsequent posts.


Obviously, the manner in which library materials are acquired. This may seem like old wine in new bottles, but my primary notion here is that the collections are patron driven. But more than just that, the patron (user, customer, arrrrgh) can get what they want in the most unmediated way. It happens quickly and without a lot of rigamarole. Not even filling out requests.  Just “click”…got it! Thanks.


Main idea here is that collections behave in a 2.0 way. Reuse, repackage, mashup, user-centric, save, manipulate, interactive. And that patrons (users, customers, arrrrgh) can talk back to the collection (and to the library/librarian) and talk with other patrons (users, customers, arrrrgh) about their experiences and interests.

Two things there about the collections 2.0 mantra, but they have very different implications.


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