Posted by: Steven Harris | November 26, 2008

iPhone uPhone wePhone

I’ve been assimilated! I bought an iPhone. There are plenty of annoying things about it. More about that later, especially looking at it as an ebook reader.

Applications created for the iPhone (iP) are all the buzz, eventhough other phones have had apps for years. Hype-city! It occurs to me though that perhaps libraries should be writing apps for the iPhone. The iP has pretty good web browsing, but it still makes for an unpleasant experience at times. There are apps that do nothing more than present data from a particular web site (Wikipedia for example) in a way that is more comfortable on the iP.

Libraries could, I’m thinking, write apps for their OPACs, institutional repositories, or digital collectiosn. The apps would make it easier to navigate and view these resources on a small screen.

One question, however, is whether the iP user population is sufficient to warrant the attention. Shouldn’t we be doing things for other mobile devices as well? Maybe we should be doing these things for all kinds of platforms. It would help us become fixtures in the ubiquitous computing world.

By the way, I’m writing this using the WordPress app for the iP. Review to follow.



  1. Interesting thought. I just went through the new cell phone routine and have opted to not yet do the internet from my phone. Mostly because of cost. I think though developing apps for the phone is a good idea cause users are out there.

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