Posted by: Steven Harris | November 5, 2008

Infinite Regress

Greetings from Second Life!Data flying every which way! I went into Second Life and built a book–a prop essentially–Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, then I did a snapshot of my avatar holding the book, then I exported that snapshot and used it in Gimp to create a READ poster, then I uploaded the image of the READ poster back to Second Life and created a t-shirt, then I thought, I need that t-shirt in real life, so I went to Cafe Press and made one there, which you can order too (or a coffee cup) at:
Surely there are more serious purposes to which this kind of effort could be put. It would be nice if library users could re-purpose, reuse, and mashup library data in much the same way.

PS: There are now additional products available at:


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