Posted by: Steven Harris | October 19, 2008

Ebook Solutions

My library is implementing a whole snoot-load of Serials Solutions modules. One of these is their Ebook management product. All this was licensed before I actually started working there. So I’m not sure what we’re getting into. With the suite of SS products, we’ll be able to integrate ebooks into our link resolver, federated search, and ERM.

I still haven’t wrapped my brain around what all this will mean. Obviously, it will give us some additional tools for managing ebooks.  What will it mean for the users?  We can integrate ebooks into A-Z electronic resource lists, but do we want to?  Will ebook links in a federated search be useful?  I like the notion of giving more access points.  It remains to be seen what users will make of it.

Not all of our ebooks can be integrated at this point.  There are a few platforms that have signed agreements with SS. Others will have to be handled in some other way.  If we get the MARC records for some of these ebook platforms, it should make providing catalog records a lot easier. SS will streamline the uploading and extracting process (we hope).  We’re still doing the numbers on that to decide if we can afford it.

This all looks like another step toward breaking down the barriers between books and periodicals. We’re already pretty far down the road informaiton users travel when they don’t care what the format is.  All they want is the intellectual content.  I think we should help them along as much as we can.



  1. Are you using SS for article linking? I’ll be interested to hear how this goes. I’m currently beginning implementation of our ERM module as well as reviewing the tracking of e-books in SFX. We’ve asked the same question regarding whether or not to put e-books in the link resolver, however, I’d include e-books in federated search.

  2. Yes, we’re using the linker. We are implementing:
    360 Core
    360 ERM
    360 Link
    360 Search
    and the ebook thingie. Still thinking about 360 MARC.

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