Posted by: Steven Harris | September 24, 2008

Fourth Friday

In my new job (Director of Collections and Acquisitions Services…lah dee dah!) I’ve been thinking that I would hold a “new technology” meeting once a month…kind of First Monday sort of thing. Only it would probably be more like Fourth Friday. Or Third Thursday.

I’d use these meetings to just highlight or introduce 2.0 technology and other developments that might impact library collections. I’d want it to be a no-stress kind of first look. “Here is something new. What do you think about it?” There are many things that could go on such an agenda. I think I wouldn’t have to worry about coming up with stuff. I’d also like to let the staff present things themselves, introduce stuff they know about and are interested in.



  1. Good idea. At my previous job, we did Summer technology workshops this past summer, once a week (for the most part) where various folks presented on various topics – google docs, social bookmarking, etc. Just little sessions to show/tell folks what’s going on in the world. They went over well. I’m guessing yours will too.

  2. I initiated something like this, also in a previous job. We called them “emerging technology brown bags.”

  3. Our systems librarian started something similar to this a year or more ago. We call them Tech Talk and they are a great, relaxed way of sharing and learning about the many and varied new things that affect our world. We meet monthly.

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