Posted by: Steven Harris | August 5, 2008

Meet me at the WebJunction!

WebJunction is an interesting site that promises to be a useful way to share professional information. They’ve been around for a while, but they just launched a new look. It functions rather like a portal for librarians and information professionals.  Kind of like Facebook, blog, Blackboard, ERIC, and [mini]ALA all rolled into one site.  Members can contribute materials in a multitude of formats for open use or restricted to a particular population.  There are training materials that are free and those that require a fee.  Partner organizations include state libraries and a few professional organizations. There are materials by library type, services, populations, and library functions.  Someone even included this blog in a list of “Collection Development Resources Online” … bless you Betha Gutsche!

It’s a pretty exciting way to develop a professional community.  I look forward to seeing how it develops. Kudos to OCLC, the Gates Foundation, and lots of folks in the state of Washington who made this fly.  Here’s a couple more about files:



  1. I’ll pass on the thanks to Betha, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled, as will the rest of the team! We’re pretty excited about the new look (which means all new swag at conferences!) and the new functionality.

    Thanks for the great post and kind words.


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