Posted by: Steven Harris | August 1, 2008

Call for Papers

Call for Papers from the folks at Collection Management:


The first issue of the quarterly peer-review journal Collection Management under the Editorship of ALCTS member Faye Chadwell is now off-press, and welcomes the submission of papers for review and possible publication.

Ms. Chadwell is Associate University Librarian for Collections and Content Management at Oregon State University Libraries. She has taken over the editorial reins from long-time editor, Ed Shreeves, Associate University Librarian and Director, Collections & Content Development at the University of Iowa Libraries.

Interested authors may correspond with the Editor for instructions for authors and upcoming deadlines by sending an email to: <>

According to Chadwell: “Nothing in my crystal ball suggests that libraries will not continue to collect materials in the coming years. What will change is the amount and availability of resources, the type of materials, the method of acquisitions, and the ways in which collections are used….

Collection Management seeks well-researched, refereed articles and reviews that cover an extensive range of pragmatic and theoretical topics.”

The new issue includes articles on:

“What’s Next for Collection Management and Managers?”
“Confirming Suspicions: An Analysis of Original Communication Studies Journal Price Data”
“Citation Analysis of Graduate Dental These References: Implications for Collection Development”
“Future Reflections on the WorldCat Collection Analysis Tool”
Book Reviews

Complimentary Copy
A complimentary print issue of Collection Management may be obtained by sending an email with your physical mailing address to: Marisa Starr <>

Collection Management is part of the 32-journal family of journals in library & information science within Haworth Press. Haworth, which publishes 200 peer review journals and 150 books per year, was acquired by Taylor & Francis in 2007.



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