Posted by: Steven Harris | January 29, 2008

Program Proposal: Failed!

I recently submitted a program proposal (below) to a conference. It’s a little vague, general, bullet-ridden, but what can you do with 200 words? Alas, it was rejected. [Curled in a fetal ball, rocking maniacally!] I’ve got to work on my Collections 2.0 superhero powers, I guess. All will succumb to my charismatic words! [Laughing out loud, as they say in them online chat rooms!]



“Collections 2.0: Content and Community in the Development of Interactive Libraries”

The social web has become a hot topic in librarianship. References to Library 2.0 or Web 2.0 are legion. The primary focus of this dialogue is on using 2.0 concepts for outreach, to build community among library users. Little of this discussion addresses the role library collections play in community building. Collection development and acquisitions librarians have a low profile in the 2.0 world.

The speaker will demonstrate:

  • 2.0 ideas have a legitimate role in creating vital and interactive library collections.
  • Collections are essential to the 2.0 enterprise: without collections (whether purchased, licensed, curated, discovered, or contributed by users) there is nothing around which 2.0 services can flourish.
  • Digital collections enable greater user choice, flexibility, and power. 2.0 exploits the move to digital.
  • Ubiquitous computing will become more important: users will request data anytime, anyplace, using a multitude of devices.
  • User repurposing is vital: It’s all about the data and letting people use it.
  • Publishers have legitimate concerns about 2.0.
  • What a 2.0 collection looks like.


2.0 should not be seen solely as a marketing tool. Collections and outreach must be parts of the same effort to improve library services.


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