Posted by: Steven Harris | January 16, 2008


I went to several e-book programs and discussions at the ALA conference. A couple of quick thoughts:

Dennis Dillon from the University of Texas spoke on a panel about e-book pricing. Some of his thoughts:

Librarian-selected e-books circulate more than titles in vendor designated e-book packages; patron-selected titles circulate more than librarian-selected titles.

Most e-book platforms and distribution models are designed from the publisher/producers point of view. If the platform and delivery were designed from the users’ perspective, we would have very different products. One of those changes would be that books might be shorter.

Other tidbits:

I heard scuttlebutt that the Sony Reader firmware would soon be able to accommodate PDF files with text reflow. This will make the display of PDF files on the Sony much better. Since the screen on the device is small, older format, non-reflow PDF files can be a little small of text to actually read. This would also, conceivably, greatly increase the number of titles that could be read on the Sony.

More vendors (notably Ebrary) will be adopting a patron-driven acquisitions model. MYiLibrary and NetLibrary already operate that way.



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