Posted by: Steven Harris | January 13, 2008

ALA point OH!

I am at the ALA Midwinter conference. I’ve seen and heard some pretty interesting things.  Just a few brief summaries:

GWLA: I went to a collection development committee meeting for the Greater Western Library Alliance.  For all my talk about 2.0, a lot of my sister libraries in GWLA are more advanced on that front than my library is. E-books are a good case in point. Many libraries are going quickly toward a electronic-preferred model, like Rick Anderson at the University of Utah. Some are also implementing patron-driven acquisitions, where a wide range of e-book titles are available to browse, but some number of uses will trigger a purchase of the title. Is this 2.0? How is this kind of purchasing funded? Would the collection development librarian need to draw money away from an approval plan, for example, in order to have adequate funds? At my library there is not additional money for e-books.  The money has to come from somewhere else.

I have said that electronic collections are part of 2.0. But what can we do from a purchase point of view to make this process more 2.0?



  1. Our patron driven acquisition of e-books here at UU is funded this year by some one-time money, but we fully expect we may soon need to reallocate money from firm orders / approval. The working assumption is it is better to buy something which has been specifically used twice than to buy some of things we’ve bought “just in case”. Now we just have to figure out which of those “just in case” books not to buy. And maybe there is a statewide model of ebooks we can work on….

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