Posted by: Steven Harris | January 8, 2008

Blogless Librarians

Let’s face it! Not many collection development librarians blog. I sense a bit of disdain in some quarters for the entire 2.0 enterprise. It is rather ironic, given the changing nature of collections. Even if they don’t believe completely in 2.0-icity, you would expect that they would want to have an ear to the ground. See what was coming over the horizon. I think there is something of a sense of helplessness about the future of collections as well. I, however, feel nothing but excitement about the changes we see coming. I think it will take that (excitement) to design new collections that exploit all the possibilities of our new networked environments. So, please, prove me wrong, collection development librarians. Let’s see you come out of the woodwork and into the blogsphere. We need your input to make this design process work. If we don’t do it, who will?

I get a lot of great information from the blogs in my blogroll. It doesn’t all have to come from collection development librarians. But I am excited to have made contact with a few collections folks out there. This includes ol’ #2 over at 2 Kewl Librarians, deep-thinking Mollie, a public library collection development coordinator, at Meditating Librarian, and polymath Jonathan at Mesoj. Blog on folks! And tell me if there are other collections folks out there I should know about.

I also wanted to pass on that I heard from Eric Lease Morgan about a discussion list call NGC4LIB. NGC stands for “next generation catalog,” but the list is very much about using 2.0 ideas to deliver information to patrons. Good place to hear lots of innovative discussion. A new user interface is really the foundation of what I think of as Collections 2.0. Let’s get this conversation going in as many places as possible.



  1. Hear hear. I’m one of those “wear many hats” librarians, so I’m not “collections only.” I do, however, have collection responsibilities, and I agree that keeping one’s ears to the ground, as it were, can only help as we all struggle to negotiate the future of libraries in general, and collections in particular.

  2. I am a collection development coordinator in a large library system (Phoenix). Thank you so much for starting this conversation.

    I celebrate the access to new formats and technologies that meet other learning/life styles. For me, Libraries are not “just” about books- yet they are about telling many stories and offering many points of view. For me, it is the conversations around what is read, viewed, listened to that make a library LIVE.

    Blogs and other technology offer a way for librarians to join with users in these conversations. Thank you for offering me a way to expand my participation in the conversation.

  3. Thanks, Kathleen. BTW, I love the Greater Phoenix Digital Library

  4. Hi Steven,

    I, too, have noticed the dearth of collections blogs. I’m a “Collections & Scholarly Communications” Librarian at Arizona State, and will be following along here.

    I’ve been blogging for a long time, sometimes on Library or CD issues, sometimes not. But just thought I’d decloak.

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