Posted by: Steven Harris | January 7, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

I’ve been marketing this blog pretty hard, sending email to lists, posting on social networks, pitching myself to other bloggers. An email I sent to a few lists contained the paragraph to the right.

“This is an advertisement. I’m trying to take over the world here. So, please read me, comment me, link to me, add me to your feed reader, bookmark me, tag me, blog me. Increase my page rank! I welcome your comments and feedback. In fact, I welcome collaborators as well. If you want to become a formal contributor to the blog, let me know. We’ll talk about adding you as an author. Collections 2.0…it’s delicious!”

Free Range Librarian, Karen Schneider suggests that, perhaps, one should be careful what one asks for! But her post is full of great advice. So, as I move forward with taking over the world, I promise to follow her counsel. Your comments here will be graciously received and acknowledged.

Also on the marketing front, this blog now has it’s own Facebook page! Not sure what I think about this. Gives me a bit of a Roland Barthes infinite play of words sort of feeling. Where does the discourse start and end? What is the sign? This blog, or the Facebook page? But, what the hell! The New York Times has a Facebook page too.


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