Posted by: Steven Harris | January 3, 2008

Science Slinks Back to Jstor

This Chronicle article has really been making the email rounds a lot today:

“The Journal ‘Science’ Rejoins JSTOR”

But haven’t seen it blogged much. There was something of a hue and cry when Science pulled out of JSTOR. I thought nothing would come of if. There is, to my mind, a lot of pushback coming from publishers in recent months regarding pricing and licensing. The Science fiasco was just part of that environment. I think the publishers are at a fever pitch of nervousness about open access. I feel they are trying to push the line of scrimmage as far in their favor as they can before anything drastic happens.

I am heartened by the return of the prodigal Science. I am sure there was a change in terms in their agreement with JSTOR, which made it appealing for them to return, but it is clear that the outrage in the library and academic world had some influence on their behavior.

Just goes to show what a little ire will do for you. We should be dancing in the streets! Or popping a few at ALA Midwinter! Now, let’s see, what else can the librarians get pissed off about? 🙂


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